Chandrababu's No-Nonsense Message To Ganta

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TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu, it is learnt reliably, has sent a clear and no-nonsense message to Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Ganta, known to be a mercurial politician has mastered the art of having the cake and eating it too. He always changed parties to stay in power. He joined the Congress from Praja Rajyam and became a minister. In 2014, he jumped into the TDP and was a minister again. This time around, he stayed in the TDP but the party is now out of power. So, he wants to go the YSRCP now.

During his recent review of north Andhra districts, Chandrababu reportedly gave an ultimatum to Ganta to decide whether he would stay in the party or leave it. He is said to have told him point blank that he was free to leave the party. Chandrababu is said to be upset at Ganta's ways. He did not like Ganta changing constituencies at the drop of a hat. He also did not like Ganta's caste politics. He was also unhappy that Ganta has enjoyed all the benefits as a minister and is now trying to leave the party. So, he has told him curtly that he was welcome to leave the party.

This has put Ganta in a fix. The TDP no longer wants him and the YSRCP is ready to take him only if he resigns his MLA post. He is averse to resigning his MLA post. So, now he can neither stay in the TDP nor can go to the YSRCP.
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