Chandrababu Wants To Revive TDP In Telangana

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The Telugu Desam Party is all but dead in Telangana. Most of its key leaders have moved into either the TRS or the BJP. Of late, the trend is to join the BJP. Many district presidents, secretaries, assembly level leaders have recently joined the BJP in the presence of Amit Shah. Few more like Devender Goud and Revuri Prakash Reddy are set to join the BJP very soon.

The party that was all powerful in Telangana is now at its weakest. One costly mistake of joining hands with the Congress at the time of the Telangana assembly elections has proved very costly for the party. It has lost all its credibility and votes too. Except for LV Ramana and Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy all key leaders have left the party. At this stage, Chandrababu Naidu is talking of reviving the party. He is now planning to breathe life into the moribund TDP. When some TDP leaders met Chandrababu the other day, he told them that he would work to revitalise the party in Telangana. He also told them that the party has bright future in Telangana.

We do not know whether the TDP cadre were enthused or not. It remains to be seen whether the TDP, half dead, get revived in Telangana.
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