CBN's Antic Provide Relief To YSRCP Cadre

If there is some tension or worry somewhere in the YSRCP over the likely outcome of the Assembly elections,  Chandrababu Naidu is doing everything to allay those fears. By his utterances, comments and actions, he is in fact removing all the doubts in the minds of the YSRCP cadre.. Though the YSRCP is upbeat and confident about getting enough numbers to form the government, there is still some tension among the cadre. But looking at Chandrababu's body language and his comments, they are now becoming increasingly confident about winning the elections. Naidu is calling these elections a farce. Only those who are sure of a defeat speak this language. Only losers talk about money power, distribution of liquor and fake promises given by the rivals and Chandrababu is doing all these. He began this from the time of the polling and hasn't stopped repeating it.

These comments are in fact proving to be reassuring for the YSRCP's doubting thomases. Looking at Babu's knee-jerk reactions, they are feeling confidence that YSRCP will storm to power.