Will Chandrababu Fall Between Two Stools?

Chandrababu  is riding in two boats. He has to chief aims. One is to come back to power. For this, he has to prevent Jagan from coming to power. Secondly, he wants to prevent Modi at any cost. This means he should make Rahul Gandhi the PM. So, to achieve this, he has been running from pillar to post. But, amid all this, the party leaders are wary that Chandrababu might fall between the two stools and end up losing everthing.

They feel that his chief area of operations is AP and he should focus on this. Instead, he is trying to extend his influence to the whole country. Due to this he is losing both the things. He also has an invisible competition with KCR, his rival in Telangana. This envy against Modi, fear of Jagan and hatred towards KCR are eating him out.

Last year, he joined hands with the Congress in an effort to defeat KCR. He marshalled all his resources to defeat Chandrababu. Despite his best efforts, the Congress could not put up even a decent fight. Even his best follower Revanth Reddy and close relative Suhasini have lost the elections. Despite this, Chandrababu  has not stopped his machinations.

Even in cause of Karnataka, though his efforts to defeat the BJP failed, he gloated over the fact that the BJP could not come to power. He tried to bring Rahul Gandhi and Kumaraswamy together. He joined hands with Mamta Banerjee and addressed a meeting she organised. His Dharma Porata Deeksha and his joining of Arvind Kejriwal's rally are all attempts aimed at dislodging the BJP.

While he is doing all he can to defeat Modi, he is losing the sight of the fact that he is on a sticky wicket in AP. Even his own surveys are none too encouraging. On the other hand, Jagan is reaching out to the people through his yatra, which spanned for over 14 months. His Samara Sankharavam too is helping him in a big way. To add to Chandrababu's woes, even Pawan Kalyan has turned away from the TDP. At such a juncture, his Delhi forays are not to the liking of the party cadres and leaders. They are worried that the TDP would loose both the fights it isinvolved in.