Chandrababu Changes Tack On Both Modi, Pawan

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Chandrababu seems to have learnt nothing. Despite his best effort to pally up with the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, past sins seem to be dogging Chandrababu very much. After losing the elections badly and after being reduced to a mere footnote in national politics, Chandrababu has now regained his senses. Now he says he has nothing against Modi.  He says he took on Modi only to protect the interests of the state. These comments are laughable because of the kind of abuse he heaped on Modi and the personal attacks he launched are there for everyone to see.

He thought that he would be able to paint Modi in the black and using the media support system of his, he could work up a sentiment in favour of the TDP in the elections. But, that did not work out

Similarly, his explanations on why the TDP did not put up candidates against Pawan Kalyan and why Chandrababu himself did not campaign against Pawan Kalyan too are laughable. He said he wanted sanity and health respect for the rivals and hence did not campaign against Pawan Kalyan. But, he seems to forget that he not just campaigned but heaped abuses on YSRCP honorary president Vijayamma. He has also campaigned against Jagan and was very critical of Jagan. The answer he gave at the TDP review meet in Vizag to a TDP functionary was taken with a pinch of salt.

Chandrababu must realise that though public memory is short, it is not so short as to forget things within months. The people can very well can see and understand the reasons for his changing tack. And also, people are not so naive as not to understand his dalliance with the Jana Sena.
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