In Talk: CBN-PK Are Inseparables!

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TDP Leadership has done everything possible to tarnish the image of Jana Senani when he accused Nara Lokesh of indulging in corrupt practices during the fourth anniversary meeting of the party. It has gone to the extent of Pro-TDP Media dragging PK into the casting couch controversy.

Post the 2019 elections, Chandrababu Naidu seems to be trying to maintain good relations with Mega Brothers. He hadn't only described Chiranjeevi as a self-made man but also termed him as the undisputed king of Telugu Cinema on the eve of Megastar's 64th birthday.

On Pawan Kalyan's 48th birthday, Opposition Leader recognised Jana Sena Chief as a Leader enjoying immense fan following and fighting on behalf of the public. He even wished to see PK lead a healthy life till the 100th year. What for this sudden love on the Mega Brothers? Will PK fallen in the trap set by CBN once again? Anything can happen in politics...Just Wait & See!

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