CBN Seeks Re-Polling, AP CEO Hits Back!

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AP CM Chandrababu Naidu expressed his anguish over the election process all over the state. He cited there were incidents of Voters complaining about receiving VVPAT Slips confirming they voted for YCP even though they pressed the button meant for TDP Candidate. He complained about non-functioning of EVMs at many polling stations in AP and delay caused by such technical glitches.

TDP Supremo penned a letter to AP Chief Election Commissioner Gopalakrishna Dwivedi seeking re-polling for wasting close to 3 hours time due to improper arrangements. Even the EVM in the polling booth where Mr.Dwivedi visited Today to cast his vote hasn't functioned properly.

Naidu is keen to file a review petition in the Supreme Court seeking counting of at least 25 percent of VVPAT Slips in each Assembly Constituency. He opined Ballot Paper is the best practice and EVMs are never reliable as they can be tampered.

AP CEO Gopalakrishna Dwivedi condemned the allegation at 30 percent of EVM aren't functioning properly. 'Only few EVMs developed a technical snag and most of them have been rectified. Not more than 25 such cases has been reported so far. Whoever is complaining that 30 percent EVMs aren't functional should offer Me the list,' he said.

Mr.Dwivedi condemned the allegation of TDP Chief that votes meant for his party are falling in YCP account due to EVM Tampering. He clarified Mock Polling was conducted in the presence of party agents in every polling station to prevent any such errors. He also appealed public to ignore the baseless allegations and exercise their right to vote.
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