Chandrababu's Day Dreams About Migrant Voters

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Here's another typical Chandrababuesque analysis. He is said to have analysed that all the voters who went from Hyderabad to vote in their respective constituencies are TDP voters. Each of such vote has gone into the kitty of the TDP and absolutely none else.

He is said to have told his party workers that all the voters from Hyderabad were TDP supporters and that YS Jagan and KCR had done everything they could to stop these voters from going to their places to vote. Even bus services were cancelled at the nick of the moment, he is said to have told them. Despite all this, the voters came out in large number to vote for me – is what Chandrababu says.

Well! The truth would be out on May 23 when the votes are counted. But, the fact of the matter is that not every migrant voter is a TDP voter. It is clear that the migrant voter has no love lost for the TDP and that has been proved during the Assembly elections in Telangana and the GHMC elections. Even in places like Kukatpally, where the migrant voters are in large numbers and where the TDP fought the most prestigious battle, the TDP was defeated fair and square. Even otherwise, a large number of the migrant voters have also voted for the YSRP. There was a significant number that voted for Jana Sena. One has to wait till May 23 to prove Chandrababu wrong.
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