Chandrababu Comes Down on Jagan

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Former AP CM, opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu has severely come down on CM Jagan's announcement in Assembly that the state might have three capital cities for the decentralization of development.

"After the YSRC government completed 100 days in office, we described it as Tughlaq rule, but now we are of the view that even Tughlaq's administration was better than this government," Naidu said.

Naidu addressed the media soon after staging a protest nine of the TDP leaders were suspended from the Assembly.

"Where will the Chief Minister stay if the State has three capital cities? Here (Amaravati) or in Visakhapatnam or Kurnool? Where will his ministers reside? Here or in the executive capital? There is no such practice anywhere in the country. Is he (Jagan) more intelligent than all the leaders in Independent India? What is this insanity? This is why we call it Tuglaq rule," Chandrababu Said.
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