Babu Snatched TDP, It's Not His Party!

Mohan Babu launched a scathing attack on Caretaker CM Chandrababu Naidu while campaigning for YSR Congress Party in Mangalagiri. In the recent press conference, He accused Naidu of usurping Telugu Desam founded by NT Rama Rao by backstabbing his Brother.

Collection King reminded that he was a member of TDP even before Chandrababu Naidu joined the party. He told Babu was in Congress when NTR floated TDP and even boasted about defeating his Father-in-Law by contesting against him.

Mohan Babu admits he made a mistake by joining hands with Chandrababu Naidu believing his words when NTR was backstabbed. He alleged Naidu used the innocence of NTR Sons for dethroning Anna Garu. He also reiterated TDP survived only because of the cadre which continued in the party out of affection towards NTR.

Stating that TDP Government has looted even sand, Mohan Babu exuded confidence that YCP will bring back the golden era of YSR.