Celebrities Price Tag For Poll Campaign

Cobrapost Sting Operation disclosed how much Celebrities have been charging for the poll campaign of the political parties ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha Polls. As many as 36 celebrities accepted the deal of promoting BJP or Congress or AAP through Social Media Posts by accepting packages.

Operation Karaoke - Price Tag of Celebrities:

Vivek Oberoi - Rs 80 lakh, 85 percent in Cash

Sunny Leone - Rs 75 lakh, 90 percent in Cash

Shakti Kapoor - Rs 75 lakh, 90 percent in Cash

Baba Sehgal - Rs 2 lakh + GST per Tweet

Rohit Roy - Rs 30 lakh, 90 percent in Cash

Celebrities have every right to campaign for any political party of their choice. What matters the most is the source of income and in what form they have been receiving. Nobody would have found fault with them had if they demanded cheques or account transfer for payments. Instead, These celebrities sought payment in the form cash, which comes under unaccounted money. What is the message they wish to convey to the public by doing so?

Sonu Sood questioned what's wrong if they campaign for a political party accepting money. Koena Mitra claims she has got every right to endorse her favourite party. The question is whether they sought payment by cheque or cash.