Capital Issue: TDP finds itself in hot seat

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The cat is now out of the bag. Behind the TDP demand that Amaravati should remain the state capital and that there should be no executive capital in Vizag, are the real estate interests of its leaders. The leaders from Amaravati and the top leaders of the party have purchased lands for peanuts in and around Amaravati and want the capital to remain there only so that their monetary interests are served. This was fully exposed by the YSRCP government and left those with vested interests squirming.

The sub-committee report submitted to the AP Cabinet has exposed the insider trading that went on in and around Amaravati before it was officially designated as the Capital of the state. The TDP leaders had bought at least 4075 acres of land from the gullible farmers. They kept the fact that Amaravati would become the capital a secret and duped the farmers. The unsuspecting farmers sold their lands for a pittance. It said that among those who bought lands were the then ministers Paritala Sunitha, Narayana and Prathipati Pullarao. It also said that Lingamaneni Estates, which is known to be very close to the former dispensation too has bought huge chunks of lands.

The committee report has also said that over 900 acres of assigned lands belonging to the SCs and the STs too were gobbled up. For this white ration card holders were used as proxies by the TDP leaders.  The biggest worry for the TDP now is that the YSRCP Government has announced that it will order a CBI probe to unravel the massive land scam.
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