Can You Guess, The Number 2 Richest Person In India?

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It is easy to say that Mount Everest is the tallest peak in the world but do you know the second one? It is Mount Godwin-Austen or famously known as K2. It is located in Himalayas and it is in India not in Nepal like Everest.

Similarly, number 1 richest person in India, is easy to guess. It is none other than Mukhesh Ambani with whooping 5,740 Crores Dollars as his net worth, including all his ventures and shares in various businesses, Nationally and Internationally.

Forbes Real Time Billionaires Index has announced their list of Indian Billionaires and surprisingly, D-Mart promoter and Avenue Super Marts Founder, Radhakrishnan Damani has occupied the number 2, spot.

As the number 1 position is out of question, no. 2 has been witnessing some see-saw battles from a long time. Right now, Radhakrishnan Damani has occupied the spot after the stock value of Avenue Super Marts has gone up to Rs. 2,559 in Bombay Stock Exchange.

The net value of the shares owned by Damani went by 9.6 crores dollars touching the value of 1,780 crores dollars which seals the second position for Damani, for time being.

The stock value of Avenue Super Mart's saw a rise as the company acquired Rs. 4000 crores by selling a percentage of shares, recently.

First D-Mart store has been opened in 2002 in Mumbai and by 2018, in 11 states of India, a total of 176 D-Mart stores are running successfully in India. Avenue Super Marts has seen a profit of Rs. 976 crores for last financial year with a revenue of Rs. 19,916 crores, cumulatively.

Other spots are occupied by Shiv Nadar with 1,650 crores dollars, Uday Kotak with 1,490 crores dollars, Gautham Adani with 1,410 crores dollars and Lakshmi Mittal with 1,210 crores dollars.

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