Can Tollywood Promote Like Bollywood Big Stars?

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Bollywood Big Stars used to go to shoots late, never promote, work at their leisure times. Rajesh Khanna couldn't give dates to Telugu producers like D. Ramanaidu for years as the working style of Bollywood is quite different from South Indian cinema.

Many producers from South felt that the wastage of time and money is more in Hindi Cinema and after a couple of trials, sticked to Telugu or Tamil Films, their base market.

Krishna and Ramanaidu found alternatives to big stars in Jithendra, Mithun Chakraborthy who were ready to adhere to South Indian producers rules.

Now, same Bollywood big stars are going all over the country and even world to promote their films. Salman Khan too came to Hyderabad and danced on stage with Ram Charan, Venkatesh for his song to promote Dabangg 3.

Akshay Kumar held a press event in Hyderabad and SRK has been going all over the country whenever he has a film release to promote. If Telugu stars want people from other languages to watch their films, they need to do this type of promotions too.

Blame it on shy nature, blame it on not showing confidence on content, or even blame it on humbleness, Telugu actors have been found lacking in trying their best to capture the market in other states, while even Rajni is actively promoting his films in other states.
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