Can Suriya Revive Himself?

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At the box office, NGK is officially poorest showing of Suriya, since he could develop a market in Telugu states too. The actor is unable to get audiences to theatres for sure.

His fans in Tamil Nadu are trying to trend NGK as psycho character who could do anything to attain power based on the climax.

Director, Selva Raghavan without agreeing much said that there are mysteries to his character and people should watch the film in the theater to know more.

But this after thought, promotion is not helping the film in B and C centres, where mouth talk is powerful than social media promotion.

In Telugu states, the movie lost to Falaknuma Das and this wouldn't have been the case during 24 release as then Suriya's market in Telugu was so strong that Tier-2 heroes got scared to fight with him at box office.

With such a bad opening, Suriya might have to face a bigger risk in selling his big budget film, Kaappan in Telugu. Even though it stars Mohan Lal kind of South Indian stars. Telugu distributors might not give a big amount looking at Saaho release and Lyca Productions as the production house of the film on 15th August. The question, Can Suriya revive himself, still remains?!

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