Can Narendra Modi win the hearts of Tamil People?

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BJP top leaders Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are trying to expand its reach in the southern states from long back. Reportedly, they have prepared a strategy for each state to spread its wings in those regions.

In the southern states, they have managed to gain power in Karnataka. To gain power in Tamil Nadu, the BJP party is maintaining a cordial relationship with the ruling ANNADMK.

According to the reports, the BJP party is trying its level best to increase its reach in Tamil Nadu. Winning the hearts of the Tamil people is not like other southern states. They love their language, culture, and tradition very much. When the central government tried to ban Jallikattu, the traditional sport of Tamil Nadu, entire Tamil Nadu went for a strike including Political leaders and film stars.

It has been reported that to win the hearts of the people in Tamil Nadu, China President's tour was scheduled in Tamil Nadu, though there are many cities in the country with good infrastructure and facilities.

Russia President Putin has planned to visit India in 2020 and this tour will also take place in Tamil Nadu only, reportedly. If this tour gets confirmed, BJP might create a good image in the minds of Tamil People.
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