Can Harish Rao Stop The RTC Strike?

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In the ongoing strike of Telangana, RTC workers look like neither RTC nor the government is ready to step down. On one hand, the government is not ready to have talks with the RTC worker's union. On the other hand, the ministers are holding press conferences and ing the political parties which are supporting the RTC workers. Looks like there is no solution for this. Almost every minister of the TRS party spoke about this except Harish Rao.

Harish Rao shares a good rapport with the RTC worker's union. Harish served as the honorary president of the union some time ago. Reportedly the worker's union is thinking this issue will get a solution if Harish Rao steps in. Till now the reasons were not known on why Harish Rao is silent on the issue till now.

The strike is going on for 10 days. Both the government and the worker's unions are not stepping down. With these situations, two RTC workers committed suicide. The workers are struggling without salaries. The public is also facing problems with a lack of transportation. No one is daring to sort the issue by going against KCR.

Harish Rao is known for solving the key issues raised in the TRS party. With him sharing a good bond with the union, not only the union even the public are hoping he(Harish Rao) can solve this issue. He played a key role in the formation of the Telangana Union.

Though he resigned from his position as an honorary president he still holds strong command on the union. If the reports are to be believed he will share his opinion on the issue very seen. The strike is going on for 10 days, and two workers have sacrificed their lives and even the public was being vocal on the strike. In this situation, either KCR or Harish Rao should put an end to this or else this strike will surely become a negative point to TRS in the Huzur Nagar elections.
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