Can Flop Director Give Hit To Akhil?

Akhil Akkineni went to a famous commercial director like VV Vinayak for his first film. The movie got a big start but settled as a disaster that Akhil can never forget.

It made him so circumspect and so low in confidence that now, even if Nag asks him to take decisions on his own, he can't. He depends on his father and Nag tried to rope two successful directors for his next two films.

Hello had Vikram Kumar and Mr. Majnu had Venky Atluri at the helm. But both failed to give him a success that he desires.

He improved in his dancing, acting and fighting skills but that seems to be not enough for him establish himself as an actor at box office.

He needs a strong story and Bhaskar with Bommarillu proved his mettle. But none of his next movies had same brilliance. Even though Orange is called cult, today, the movie made Nagababu leave production altogether.

We have to wait and see, if Geetha Arts can give the actor a hit like they did to Chaitanya, with 100% Love that did help him to establish himself at box office.