Cadre Questioning CPI's Decision To Back TRS

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One political party that has ended up with egg on its face after the Modi-KCR meet is the CPI. Barely hours after it extended support to the TRS in the Huzurnagar bypolls claiming that KCR was fighting against BJP's communalism, TRS boss KCR has rushed to meet Modi and tried to make amends with him. The CPI knows that the meet is not just about the funds and water. It is also about TRS patching up with the BJP.

The CPI leadership is now in a piquant position explaining why it supported the TRS. Shockingly for the party leadership, the cadre are questioning as to why it supported the TRS. In a first, the cadre is taking to social media to question the party leadership over its decision. "How can we back the TRS, which has taken away our only MLA (Ravindra Naik)?" asked one CPI supporter. Another asked as to what was the deal between the CPI leadership and the TRS. "If you enter into deals, we too have the right to enter into deals at the ground level," said another netizen. One netizen has even advised the CPI leadership to merge with the TRS.

There is also trenchant criticism over the CPI support to the TRS at a time when teachers, employees, RTC workers and others are up in arms against the TRS government. Why the CPI is acting as a lackey of the TRS, the netizens are asking. The CPI leadership is finding it difficult to justify its decision.
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