Left Parties Seek 26 MLA, 4 MP Seats From JSP

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Pawan Kalyan kept saying Jana Sena will have alliance with only Left Parties for 2019 Elections. All the Three Parties are currently busy finalising the seat sharing among them.

Reportedly, Left Parties have been seeking 26 Assembly Seats and 4 Lok Sabha Seats from Jana Sena. Couple of meetings happened already between Pawan Kalyan, CPI Ramakrishna and CPM Madhu to reach a conclusion. Still, Pawan Kalyan hasn't offered his consent for either CPI or CPM.

Seems like, CPI and CPM have sought 1 MLA Segment for them in each one of the 13 Districts. In addition, Left Parties want two Lok Sabha seats for each one of them.

Considering their track record, Left Parties have demanded more number of seats than they are worth. Pawan Kalyan could face problems in allotment of seats for CPI and CPM in Godavari Districts. In East & West, Every Seat is going to be crucial for Jana Sena. What's gonna be the solution?
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