CPI Ramakrishna Lashes Out At Pawan Kalyan

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The news of Janasena-BJP might have an alliance did not go well with the communist parties. The communist parties earlier had an alliance with the Janasena party which failed to make a mark in AP politics. CPI leader Ramakrishna has come down severely on Janasenani for joining hands with the saffron party.

The rumours of Janasena and BJP to ally emerged ever since Pawan Kalyan went to Delhi to meet BJP leaders and the top cadre of RSS. Adding fuel to that the BJP and Janasena are having a meeting in Vijayawada which is the most anticipated.

"Pawan met us during the 2019 elections. He said he has the left ideology and why he is joining hands with the BJP now?. Pawan often says he likes Cheguvera, but now Pawan Kalyan proved he is not Cheguvera. People who have guts are with us. To fight with the communal forces one needs guts and courage," Ramakrishna said.

"People who don't have guts will join with the BJP. Political leaders who went to Delhi headed to JNU, while Pawan went to BJP office. The one with guts will only fight against the BJP. Pawan should say whether he has guts on not," he added.
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