Has Congress Cheated CPI?

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The CPI is a cadre based party that still believes in some sort of principles. The party may not bein power anywhere except Kerala, where it is a junior partner in the Left Front, but has considerable number of dedicated party workers. The party gets good number of votes despite the fact that it cannot win many seats.

But, this time around, the CPI cadre is miffed and hurt. The reason? The party chose to join the Congress-led Maha Kutami. While there is nothing particularly wrong with it as CPI is in the habit of sleeping with strange political bed fellows, the problem is with the Congress behaviour. The Congress Party, which agreed to give only 3 seats to the CPI, has now put up candidates in all these places. Thus these leaders will ensure the CPI defeat at the election. The CPI feels this is nothing but compromising with the core values of the party. The party seniors are questioning as to why the CPI should stoop so KCR ow and accept for an arrangement with the Congress.

The CPI cadre is now angry and is now questioning the party leadership at the state level as to why did they agree for an alliance with the Congress in the first place. 
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