Why No Karnataka CM Wants To Visit This Place?

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No CM wants to visit this place in Karnataka. The moment he visits the place, he loses power. Sounds unbelievable, but true. No CM in Karnataka wants to visit the coastal town of Karwar because within month or two, karma catches up with him and he loses his post. So, Karnataka's new Chief Minister BS Yeddiyurappa has cancelled his latest tour of Karwar. Though he cited inclement weather and incessant rains for not visiting the place, the Congress Party says that Yeddiyurappa is deliberately avoiding Karwar.

But, sources say Yeddiyurappa has his own reasons. In 2005 November, the then CM Dharam Singh visited Karwar and lost power within two months. In 2010 November, the then CM Yeddiyurappa visited Karwar and lost power within months. Sadananda Gowda too lost the CM post after he visited Karwar in February 2012. In 2013 January CM Jagadish Shettar visited Karwar. Soon he lost power as BJP lost the state assembly elections. In 2018 February, the then CM Siddaramaiah visited Karwar and lost power in the general elections in May 2019. Even Kumaraswami lost power after he visited Karwar in April 2019.

So, the Congress says that Yeddiyurappa deliberately chose not to visit Karwar. The sources also say that every chief minister who visits Chamarajanagar too loses power. Call it superstition or whatever, but politicians do not want to take any chances. And Yeddiyurappa never wants to take chances as he has become CM thrice and lost power every time without completing his tenure.
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