CCTV Footage: Domestic Violence At HC Judge's House!

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Disturbing visuals of a Woman being harassed by her In-Laws in Hyderabad left everyone stunned. Why because, This happened in the residence of a Retired High Court Judge and the victim happens to be his Daughter-in-Law.

Sindhu Sharma married Nooty Vashisht (S/o Judge Nooty Ramamohana Rao & Nooty Durga Jayalakshmi). A domestic violence case was filed by Sindhu Sharma against her in-laws who harassed her for additional dowry. In April this year, She was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad after being subjected to cruelty. CCTV Footage of the domestic violence surfaced now.

Speaking to media, Sindhu Sharma revealed that In-Laws began harassing her for dowry within short period after marriage in 2012. She recalled how her Mother-in-Law subjected her to physical and mental torture. 'While My Young Daughter (2) is in my custody, My Elder Daughter (4) has been in the custody of my in-laws. I don't want divorce. Don't my kids need Father's love too. High Court has to intervene and make them handover my elder daughter to Me,' demanded Sindhu.

Nooty Ramamohana Rao served as judge in Hyderabad and Madras High Courts. Rao's Family refused to react on either the CCTV Footage or any of the allegations.

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