CBN Foreign Tours...Too Costly!

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How much did Chandrababu Naidu spend on Foreign Tours to countries such as Singapore, Japan, Switzerland and China from November 11th, 2014 to April 17th, 2016?

A report of General Administration Department on the foreign trips of Chandrababu Naidu when he was the CM of AP kept doing rounds on the social media. Although the authenticity of this reports can't be verified, The figures mentioning in it are shell shocking. As much as Rs 8.33 crore were spent on foreign trips in a short period. Has they contributed to the growth of Andhra Pradesh in any way?

TDP Government had proudly claimed AP attracted Rs 4.5 lakh crore investments with the Partnership Summit held in February 2018. Why would AP remain in crisis if it could get such huge investment by holding one Summit?

Even after the humiliating defeat in 2019 Elections, TDP Leadership hasn't accepted its fault but kept saying YCP won due to sympathy on Jagan.

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