C-Voter Survey Failed In T! What About AP?

All the Pre-Poll Surveys have been in favour of YSR Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh. Contesting alone without the support of either Jana Sena or BJP could affect Telugu Desam Party badly in 2019 Elections.

As per the latest prediction offered by C-Voter, YCP will increase its tally to 14 MP Seats in 2019 Polls from 8 in 2014 Elections. Whereas, TDP's strength in Parliament is going to be reduced to 11 Seats in 2019 Polls from 15 in 2014.

YCP Leaders say, C Voter Prediction for 2018 Telangana Assembly has gone wrong. While the Survey Agency offered 64 seats for Mahakutami and 42 to TRS, TRS managed to win 88 seats to retain power. This could be an indication that YCP is going to win much more seats than what C Voter predicted.

These predictions favouring YCP aren't a good sign for Telugu Desam Party. What can Chandrababu Naidu do in just one month to improve the poll prospects?

YS Jaganmohan Reddy has already finalised Candidates for close to 20 out of 25 Lok Sabha Constituencies. First List of YCP MP Candidates could arrive anytime soon.