Buzz: Pooja Hegde Acting Too Pricey On Sets?

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Pooja Hegde found fame after she transformed her on-screen image to a glam doll in Duvvada Jagannadam.

She acted in Maharshi, Aravindha Sametha, Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo, Gaddalakonda Ganesh, Sakshyam after that. Maharshi, ASVR, AVLP have been successful films from her.

In fact, AVLP is the only clear cut blockbuster in her entire career but she started acting pricey on sets after the Sankranthi success, it seems.

As she got great respect from Trivikram Srinivas kind of a director and has been active on stage to promote the film, she is showing some ego on sets, it seems.

She has a staff of six people and has been asking all six of them to be given equal respect and importance like her, it seems.

Respect as human beings and employees is ok but she asking for more pay for them, throwing temper tantrums is not cool, say some inside sources.

Well, this is the gossip going around about her. May be someone took her behaviour wrongly, but this is what we are hearing.

If this is the way she is acting really, then many before her faced flops after a point and then they couldn't find good opportunities due to their tantrums and behaviour when they were in success. May be it is better to always remain humble.
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