Buzz: Is this hyper-successful writer-director feeling restless?

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He started out as a writer and just wanted to survive in an Industry that at times is ruthless. He had to become a director as his identity is being threatened by the filmmaker close to him.

He made became a hyper-successful director and everyone is looking at him now for his next.

But he is being bugged constantly with many people getting involved in scripting and making of the film, more than he can take.

These days or even in 80's, directors used to be given a free-hand of sorts to complete script as per their preferences and then shot the film as soon as they can.

This director is not getting such freedom and he is feeling as restless as he felt with his first filmmaker relative, it seems.

He is unable to find the best balance between being pushed to do something that he doesn't intend to do and the actual idea he conceived. As he is feeling restless, he just wants to finish it and come out.

At the same time, he feels the need to keep his good name going and continue with the success track record, but lack of freedom in the camp that is known for pushing writers and directors to "fall in a line" that they prefer is hurting him more than even before say sources!
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