CBN's Self Goal - 'Buying MLAs Like Animals'!

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A comment made by AP CM Chandrababu Naidu during his speech at the Anti-BJP Rally in Kolkata raised many eye-brows. What is it all about?

Addressing the large gathering, Naidu said: 'Just now, HD Kumaraswamy told how BJP has been purchasing JD (S) and Congress MLAs like Animals in Karnataka. This is very bad for democracy'.

Chandrababu Naidu should have avoided mentioning about horse-trading during his speech. He, however, choose to talk about it inspite of doing the same thing in Andhra Pradesh. Leaders who shared dais with Naidu wondered how could someone like him make such comments. What about the 23 MLAs and 2 MPs who migrated to TDP from YCP? All of these public representatives claimed to have joined TDP for the development of their constituencies. Even public aren't ready to believe any such tall claims due to the corrupt system.

Had if these MLAs and MPs aren't happy with YCP Leadership, They should have resigned and contested in the by-election on TDP Ticket. Instead, They preferred to continue as MLAs and MPs in TDP inspite of winning on YCP Ticket. TDP Leadership had even offered cabinet berths to four defector MLAs. Isn't this making mockery of the Democracy?

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