Bureaucrats Are Happy With Jagan For This Reason

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The IAS officers in Andhra Pradesh are feeling that chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is a better person to communicate with. They are finding him easily approachable and find that he listens them with lot of attention. But, more than anything else, they find that YS Jagan understands the officialise better and speaks flawless English. We have got a Chief Minister who communicates in good English, said a senior official. He said that IAS officials, especially those from non-Telugu states, are finding Jagan Mohan Reddy very articulate.

"Earlier talking to the Chief Minister was a problem because of the language issues. Chandrababu's English is awful. Jagan, with his public school background, is a very good communicator in English,” said the official. Even during the official review meets, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is using both English and Telugu to ensure that the issues he wants to flag are clearly understood. Also, Jagan having a keen eye for detail is coming handy for the official. Soon after reading a note, Jagan is asking the right questions and is raising relevant points. He is a quick learner, said the official.