ICC Face Backlash After England Win World Cup

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Both 100 Overs Match & Super Over between England and New Zealand ended in a tie during the ICC ODI World Cup 2019 Final. In such a situation, England had the last laugh due to the ridiculous ICC Rule (Team scoring Most Boundaries in the 50 Overs & Super Over will be the Winner).

Most People weren't pleased with such an unconvincing rule. Former Cricketers, Analysts and Fans have been blaming ICC for such a World Cup result. Eventually, Teams like England which rely mostly on fours and sixes will get benefitted with it. New Zealand could only blame its bad luck for not becoming Champions inspite of performing on par with England. Even England couldn't have complete satisfaction with such kind of victory. Here, New Zealand faced defeat and England emerged victorious because of the ICC Rule.

If the Super Over results in a tie, ICC should either prefer yet another Super Over or go for Bowl Out Method just alike it happened in 2007 T20 World Cup in the match between India-Pakistan. At least now, ICC need to seriously think about changing this unacceptable rule.
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