CAA: First Kerala, Now Panjab, Next?

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Punjab becomes the second state to pass the resolution against the Citizenship Amendment Act after Kerala. State minister Brahm Mohindra moved a resolution against CAA on the final day of the two-day assembly session.

The Congress-led Panjab government today passed a resolution against the CAA in the state assembly and became the second state in the country to do so. Minister Brahm Mohindra moved a resolution saying that the new Citizenship law passed in December, caused countrywide anguish in the country and caused social unrest in the country. The ideology behind the CAA is discriminatory. It is evident that it violates the secular identity of India, therefore the house resolves to urge the government of India to repeal CAA to avoid discrimination on the bases of religion in granting citizenship and ensure equality to all the people

The Kerala government becomes the first government to challenge the new Citizenship Act in the Supreme Court. The Supreme court is hearing already sixty petitions.
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