Balakrishna Not Caring Mega Opposition

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The failure of the prestigious project Vinaya Vidheya Rama not only generated losses at the box-office but has also brought a negative image to the film unit including the hero Ram Charan and the director Boyapati Srinu. The director is seen inactive since the time the movie got released in the theatres. But, he seems to be in an ugly spat with the film's producer over the discussion of compensating the distributors.

Boyapati's decision irked the producer and it also resulted in the entire Mega camp expressing their anger on the director. The inside sources of the filmnagar reveal that Boyapati is shown the exit door from the Mega camp and there is no chance that he might team up with any of their family heroes anytime soon in the near future.

On the other side, Balakrishna who signed Boyapati for an exciting project even before the release of Vinaya Vidheya Rama is not stepping back. The actor is going to back Boyapati and is ready to begin work on their project once NTR Mahanayakudu hits the theatres.

Considering NTR biopic losses, Balakrishna might change his mind about producing Boyapati's movie on his own. As of now, Balayya Babu is still on the dilemma and he is expected to take a decision soon.

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