1000 Scams In 1 Capital..What Is This PK?

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Municipal Minister Botsa Satyanarayana opined CRDA Review Meeting has been disclosing that 1,000 Scams took place in Amaravati. 'In the name of capital development, So many scams took place. All of them have been unearthed during the review meetings chaired by YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Land Scams in & around Capital, Offering Land to Singapore Company, Water Pipeline Establishment, Current Poles, Temporary Structures...these are all scams of the TDP Government. The residence of Opposition Leader itself is a massive scam. TDP Government made Amaravati into a Looters Capital. Neither Naidu nor his Son could tolerate if the YCP Govt initiates action against these scams,' he said.

Botsa Satyanarayana wondered why Pawan Kalyan has been still backing Chandrababu Naidu under who's rule corruption happened. He added, 'Pawan Kalyan's mindset and Jana Sena's agenda hasn't changed. Jana Sena has been encouraging corrupt practices. Whether if Pawan had a share in the corrupt practices of Naidu? The person who offered 2 acres of land to Pawan Kalyan and guesthouse for Chandrababu is one & the same'.

The Minister didn't mind describing Jana Sena as TDP's B-Party. He questioned how could PK support Navayuga Contractor when CM Jagan is trying to lower the burden on people by planning Polavaram Project at low cost. Botsa wondered why PK isn't supporting CM who is taking measures in the best interest of public. He alleged, 'If Narayana is the benami of CBN for properties, Pawan Kalyan is the benami of CBN when it comes to political aspirations'.
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