Book My Show Reveals A Spoiler Of Venky Mama!

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Book My Show app has become the biggest ticketing partner for movies on online and many films look to give their film synopsis early to the app management, so that they can get buzz going.

Not all audiences read every website and follow all news stories on social media, so they need the application to promote them.

But if BMS app unknowingly carries a spoiler from the film in its synopsis, then? That will damage any film and its business for sure.

Venky Mama team faced such a huge problem and they deleted the synopsis from the app, at the right time.

If the word spreads even more, then the damage will be more and the team would have struggled to control the negative trend that a spoiler can create before the movie release.

Anyways, production teams should be careful before they tie up with their ticketing partners and should see that their employees, won't reveal too much even by accident. Venky Mama is releasing on 13th December.
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