Boeing to temporarily shut down 737 MAX production

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Boeing next month will temporarily stop making the 737 Max, its most popular passenger jet, the company said on Monday.

Boeing Co said on Monday it would temporarily halt the production of its 737 MAX aircraft, which has been grounded since March following two fatal crashes. The company said the production of the plane will stop in January. The decision, made by Boeing's board after a two-day meeting in Chicago.

346 people were killed in Boeing 737-Max jet crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia this year. Troubles have started for the company since then. After the crash, Boeing failed to meet safety standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration. Authorities have decided not to allow Boeing until 2020. Under these circumstances, the company has decided to suspend production of 737 Max Jet aircraft. Boeing has about 12,000 employees. Boeing has made it clear that it will not lay off any employees during the production freeze.
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