Bodies Of Accused In Disha's Case Are In A Decayed State

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12 days back the Telangana Police has encountered the culprits in the brutal gang-rape and murder of Disha while they tried to flee from the spot when they are trying to reconstruct the scene. The encounter took place at Chatanpally in Shadnagar.

Following the orders of the High Court and the National Human Rights Commission(NHRC), the culprits' funeral was kept on hold. The dead bodies of the four culprits were shifted to Gandhi Hospital mortuary. A plea was filed in High Court against the Police for doing encounter.

After hearing the pleas on the encounter of the culprits in Disha's case, the High Court ordered that the encountered bodies should be preserved till December 13. Going by the court orders looks like there is no scope for repost-mortem.

The special freezers which are accommodating the bodies can protect the bodies for one more week and post that the bodies start decomposing. The petitioner of the case has moved the Supreme Court too.

It has been widely reported that the police are in a plan to shift the bodies to Delhi which has advanced mortuary. Families of the culprits are awaiting that the bodies will be handed over to them.
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