Biggest Raid: 680 Illegal Immigrants Detained In US!

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The raid on Food Processing Firms in the state of Mississippi by US Authorities led to detention of 680 Undocumented Immigrants. Peco Company's chicken processing plant in the Bay Springs Town was one of those workplaces raided. This is said to be the biggest operation of its kind in the past decade.

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agents conducted the raid. All those detained will be produced before the federal immigration judge who will take a call on deportation. Some of them taken into custody are eligible for alternative to detention based on humanitarian grounds.

US Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi Mike Hurst maintained US is a nation of Immigrants but law of the land has to be followed by the Foreigners.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement would decide whether the 680 Illegal Immigrants will be sent to the detention centre or released until their deportation. Children of the detained Immigrants will be placed in the custody of their relatives in the US if possible. If that's not possible, Parents will be released so that they can take care of their children until further orders.

Peco Company confirmed the raids at the processing plant and two other installations it operates in Mississippi. The firm claims to have complied with all the Immigration Laws and Federal E-Verify Programme to prevent hiring of illegal immigrants.

Workplace detentions of Immigrants increased by 300 percent in the financial year 2018. As many as 6,848 investigations were done by ICE during this period.


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