Drugs Scandal: TFI Safe! What's The Message?

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Who would have forgotten the 2017 Drug Racket Case that defamed several Tollywood Celebrities? Special Investigation Team formed to punish the drug peddlers highlighted 11 Film Stars. Not only each one of them were interrogated for hours, but also samples such as blood, nails and hair strands were collected for forensic tests. Anybody would expect the names of at least some of these celebs to feature in the chargesheet after witnessing so much of hungama.

Totally, 12 cases were registered and 4 chargesheets had been filed in the drug racket case. None of the 11 film celebs were named in any of the chargesheets. Even those individuals who featured in the chargesheet were presented as victims instead of accused.

Forum for Good Governance expressed concern over the way drugs case was handled by the SIT. It complained to Telangana Chief Secretary accusing Excise Department of trying to dilute the drugs scandal.

People wonder what is the message SIT wishes to convey by offering clean chit to all the Celebrities. Better if a clarification comes from the concerned officials at the earliest.
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