Ex-MLA's Son Misbehaves With Bigg Boss 2 Sanjana

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Bigg Boss 2 Contestant Sanjana lodged a complaint with Madhapur Police against Ashish Goud, who happens to be the Son of Patancheru Ex-MLA Nandeshwar Goud, for allegedly misbehaving with her in Novotel Hotel.

According to the FIR, Ashish Goud misbehaved with Girls in the Pub. Bouncers remained mere spectators even though the Former MLA's Son was attacking Sanjana and others under the influence of alcohol. Ashish Goud attempted not only to thrash Sanjana with liquor bottle but also tried to push her from the first floor. He behaved rudely with people who raised objection upon witnessing his wild behaviour. Fearing Ashish Goud, Sanjana and her Friend left the premises in a hurry.

Sanjana urged the Madhapur Cops to check the CCTV Footage for knowing about the inappropriate behaviour of Ashish Goud. Upon registering the case, Police have been ascertaining the CCTV Footage to know what has happened last night at the Novotel Hotel. In the past, Ashish Goud was arrested in connection with a criminal case.

Ashish Goud calls the whole episode as a political conspiracy intended to tarnish his image. He went on to say there is no truth in the allegations made against him.


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