Don't Know Who She Is!: Ex-MLA's Son About Sanjana

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Former MLA Nandeshwar Goud's Son Ashish Goud responded on the allegations made against him by Bigg Boss 2 Contestant Sanjana. 'Its true that I had been to the Novotel Hotel but I haven't committed anything wrong. You will get to know the truth after the completion of the investigation. I have no clue about the lady who lodged complaint against Me,' he said.

Ashish Goud opined allegations against him are just a political conspiracy to tarnish his reputation in the constituency. He challenged his Political Opponents to settle scores with him directly rather than playing such tricks.

In the police complaint, Sanjana alleged Ashish Reddy had attacked her with liquor bottles at 2 am in the night and even tried to push her from the first floor. She accused that bouncers present at Novotel Hotel hardly bothered to raise any objection or stop the Ex-MLA's Son from attacking her.

CCTV Footage could alone reveal whom among Sanjana and Ashish Reddy were speaking the truth and lying. The footage might be in the possession of Madhapur Police already. Will the media get access to it?

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