Big production house becomes silent after setbacks!

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It is one of the biggest production banners in Tollywood who grabbed attention by scoring successive blockbusters at the beginning. Now, they are suffering from failures which led to some differences amongst the partners. The films which are coming next from this banner are creating tensions for the producers.

They are bankrolling a film with a new hero. Sources say that they invested heavily despite the hero having zero craze and market. They are having doubts about whether this film will be accepted by them or not. Insiders say that this banner is in for a shock because of this film. On the other hand, a big-budget film is being produced under this banner. It is not a regular film but an experimental one. The film will be creating wonders if it clicks but if something goes wrong, the producers will end up in heavy losses.

Knowing all this, the producers are staying silent as per news reports. They used to line up films at a rapid pace in the past but the recent failures made them think sceptically before accepting a new film. As we say, time and experiences are our best teachers. We need to see if this banner comes out of this situation and bounce back again or not.
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