Big Blow For Amazon And Netflix!

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Popular online streaming sites Amazon Prime and Netflix have completely captured the digital media. They are buying most of the films and streaming them within a month or two of their release. This strategy by them is yielding them a lot of profits but it is causing a lot of damage to our industry.

The theatrical and satellite holders are facing losses because of this. To put an end to this problem, the producers' council and chamber have reportedly come up with a solution. As per sources, they decided to sell the digital rights to sites like Hotstar, Zee5 and Sun Next which are attached to television channels. This makes it easy for satellite rights buyers as they will be getting digital rights too and can stream the films whenever they want to earn enough profits.

This rule is not confirmed but most of the producers are in favour of this. This definitely helps the film industry and dampens the popularity of Amazon Prime and Netflix to a large extent. What is your say on this?
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