Beware If Modi Is Praising You....

Though a very tough man, who does not give away much, there are lot of give aways about Modi's behavious if one observes closely. When one cracks Modi's DNA one finds that if he praises someone, it only means that he is out to finish them politically.

Consider this. He called Advani his Guru. In fact it was Advani who saved Modi during the Gujarat riots. Modi praised him to skies and revered him. What was the end result? Advani is a totally isolated man spending his retirement all alone. Ditto with Venkaiah Naidu. He said Venkaiah had guided him during his days in Delhi. He said Venkaiah was a big pillar of support for him during his trying times. But, see what he had done to Venkaiah Naidu. He praised him to skies and shut his mouth completely by making him he vice-president of the country. Venkaiah is now in semi-retirement.

These days Modi is praising Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to skies. Sumitra Mahajan, an eight time MP from Indore, the only woman to achieve this record, has been retired. She has been asked to make way for younger lot. When in Indore, Modi praised her to skies. He said she is the only person who could admonish him. Such was his reverence for her, he said.

So, is it swansong for Sumitra Tai's career in politics? Those who know Modi's way vouch that that's the end of the road for Sumitra Mahajan.