Bangalore CP Admits There Are Illegal Immigrants In The City

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In recent times, illegal Bangladeshi immigrants is the term we are being heard. With the emergence of CAA and NRC, the problem became even worse with protestors hitting the roads opposing the controversial bill.

Bangalore City police commissioner Bhaskar Rao has admitted that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are residing in Bangalore and the number might be in lakhs creating much fuss.

Recently the Bangladeshi police have arrested 61 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and they were deported.

"It is nothing but human trafficking. Bengaluru needs labourers and these are people who work like ants day in and day out," CP said.

He went on to say that these illegal migrants were ready to work as daily labours taking just Rs 150 per day, whereas legal workers will be getting Rs 300-Rs 600 per day in the construction field.
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