MP Gunmen Tik Tok Videos Become Viral

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Tik Tok has been making headlines since its arrival for all the wrong reasons. Tik Tok had a phenomenal craze and following among the youth, though there is a fair share of old users too. In Tik Tok, you can dance to your favorite song and even recreate a film dialogue.

Many deaths happened due to Tik Tik, while the tiktokers tried to shoot a video. Tamil Nadu High court has banned Tik Tok saying that the app was encouraging pornography and other illicit content.

The ban was later lifted, as Bytedance, the owner company of Tik Tok submitted a statement before the court, that they have already removed the videos from the app that have violated the terms and conditions of the community guidelines.

Recently TRS Rajya Sabha member Bandla Prakash's gunmen were found doing a tik tok video with Prakash's son-in-law which became a hot topic. The gunmen gave pose for the videos as posing themselves as gunmen of Jagan( Prakash's Son-in-law). Later Jagan posted those videos on social media. While Prakash is visiting the Pulichintala project, gunmen were busy making tik tok videos. Now their videos became viral on social media. When will the public come out of this addiction, even when handling such a responsible job?
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