Ban On England From Hosting ICC Tourneys?

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Rainfall continued to play spoilsport during the ongoing ICC ODI World Cup 2019 in England and Wales. Three League Matches had been washed out so far because of the weather factor. Many Teams were worried over the possibility of rains deciding Semi Final Berths.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor didn't hesitate to say 2019 World Cup has become a damp squib with three washout games. Pointing out that Summers are increasingly turning into monsoons, He wondered if England should be banned from hosting ICC Tournaments until ICC invests on covered stadiums.

League Matches between Pakistan-Sri Lanka (June 7th), South Africa-West Indies (June 10th) and Sri Lanka-Bangladesh (June 11th) were cancelled due to heavy rains. This Tournament has already attained the worst record of being the World Cup with most number of washout games.

Expect backlash from Cricket Lovers across the World if crucial games like India Vs Pakistan- Australia Vs England- New Zealand Vs India- Australia Vs New Zealand- India Vs England and New Zealand Vs India end up getting washed out. ICC need to find a solution for preventing such situations at least in the World Cup tourneys.

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