Balayya Slaps...Fans Are Happy With It: Vasundhara

Nandamuri Balakrishna kept making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days. Videos of the Hindupur MLA thrashing TDP Activists publicly has gone viral on social media.

Balayya's Wife Vasundhara who is campaigning for her hubby in Hindupur responded on the viral videos. 'It's because of the rapport he shares with Fans, He treats them as his own people and behaves in such manner. Even Fans don't complain about it...They are pretty happy with it,' she said while defending her husband's inappropriate behaviour.

Vasundhara told the service being done by Balakrishna through Basavatharakam Cancer Hospital shows the commitment and the kind of person he is. She pointed out, 'Treatment would be offered for any fan or poor person irrespective of their native place & even if they have money. Not even a single patient was denied treatment. He himself has been raising funds for the cancer hospital'.

How could Vasundhara defend the unacceptable behaviour of her Husband? If fans are happy with the slaps, Why did they stage protest when Balayya campaigned during Telangana Assembly Polls? Better if she makes her husband correct his mistakes before it's too late.