Balakrishna doesn't want to go for wigs anymore?

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Balakrishna started using wigs right from Samarasimha Reddy days and his get up hasn't been perfect ever since. If he looks good in one film, he looks bad in others.

The actor doesn't want to stick to one look in every film and the usage of different wigs made many troll his looks. He decided to change that once-for-all, it seems.

NBK will be going for a hair transplant operation in Dubai, in February month, as per the reports. The actor completely shaved his head to be ready for this transplant, it seems.

After he returns from the operation, he will have to wait for a month to grow his hair and once, it is done, the new look for the actor is designed for Boyapati Srinu film, it seems.

From March, the film regular shoot will start and the look out for a lead heroine is on. Sunil, Srikanth are said to be playing the lead antagonist roles in the film. Namita also signed up to play a role, it seems.
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