Balakrishna Seems To Be Extra-Sensitive In That Matter!

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Nandamuri Balakrishna is said to be a person with childish mentality. Some love him for that and some troll him.

He may hit someone one day, make outrageous comments the other day and then go complete flip and help cancer patients going out of his way, ask for respect towards women in every movie and on public stage too.

Somehow, he is the only person that Industry is happy to entertain, no matter whatever he does. With everyone else, people seem to distance themselves faster than they build attachments.

Anyways, Balakrishna in a recent interview said that he will never do Raithu as he was hurt that he failed to secure dates of a Superstar for that film.

Balakrishna might have felt bad to salute to any other star hero from other Industries as he feels he is in no way small to them. However you deny or try to twist it, ego plays a big role in Balayya's choices and this movie seems to have fallen on the wrong side of it.

Amitabh Bachchan might have not liked the story or approach but Balakrishna doesn't seem to care about the story and Krishna Vamsi, the director who wants to tell it much than getting Big B for a 10 minutes cameo.

The star did explain that he cancelled even his dream project, Nartanasala for the same reason that he did not find actors that he wanted for the important roles.

 He seems to be extremely sensitive about casting choices and if he fixes on something, he wants that to happen at any cost. Or he might be distancing people who belong to RGV camp even though they are not working with the maverick director, anymore.

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